Our Services

Everyone wishes to maintain a healthy weight. At, Emerald Star Weight Management Centre, we strive to turn this desire into an achievable state of healthy living, by offering customized weight loss programs.

Our experts, along with nutritional and lifestyle counseling, help you lead a happy, and stress-free life. We will provide you everything you need to succeed.

Health History

At Emerald Star Weight Management Center, before starting the journey, you have to fill a medical history form. It helps us understand your health history, especially if there are any abnormalities. We then treat you accordingly.

Emerald Star Weight Management Center
Emerald Star Weight Management Center

Physical Examination

We closely examine your lifestyle, food habits, physical activities, and more to understand your body better. This helps us design a program based on your specific situation.

Customized Plan

One of the key differences between our program and other diet plans is our focus on treating each client individually. We take care of your lifestyle behaviors and help prevent chronic health conditions. We design customized plans by incorporating medication, specific vitamins and counseling.

We ensure everyone wins the battle, when it comes to weight loss!

Emerald Star Weight Management Center